Hillary Page doing field work, Kootenay River Ranch, BC (Photo by NCC)

Hillary Page doing field work, Kootenay River Ranch, BC (Photo by NCC)

Science and Research

Water sampling at Darkwoods (Photo by NCC)

Water sampling at Darkwoods (Photo by NCC)

Conservation science is at the heart of everything we do at the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). Whether identifying critical areas for conservation, assessing an individual property's ecological profile or developing a restoration plan for a degraded landscape, we use the best available conservation science to guide our activities on the land.

Just like the natural systems this science seeks to understand, conservation biology is always evolving. It’s through the ongoing efforts of research scientists that we are able to adapt our conservation efforts to be ever-more effective.

We are excited to work with a growing number of dedicated researchers in BC who are looking and thinking deeply about our natural world.

Learn more about science and research at NCC's resource centre, and read below about our research partnerships and projects in BC.

How to catch a grizzly bear

Grizzly bear caught on camera (Video still by Raincoast Conservation Foundation_Michael Proctor catches bears for a living. He tells us how he does it.

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Bringing back the bluebirds

Western Bluebird (Photo by Bill Pennell)

Two decades after the last pair of western bluebirds disappeared off Vancouver Island, the birds are being reintroduced at NCC's Cowichan Garry Oak Preserve.

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Coastal bear monitoring project

Grizzly with cubs at Chilcotin River (Photo by NCC)

The Wuikinuxv Nation and the Applied Conservation Science lab from the University of Victoria are partnering to monitor black and grizzly bear populations in Wuikinuxv territory.

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Pining for whitebark

Whitebark pine seeds in cones (Photo by Don Pigott)

Adrian Leslie is concerned about a hard-scrabble pine tree that grows in high elevation forests and at treeline in the mountains of BC and Alberta.

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Looking out for bull trout

Bull Trout in Cultus Creek, Darkwoods, British Columbia (Photo by Bruce Kirkby)

Steve Ardnt knows a lot about bull trout. The fish biologist has been involved in monitoring this blue-listed species for more than a decade.

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