Lac du Bois Conservation Area (Photo by NCC)

Lac du Bois Conservation Area (Photo by NCC)

Southern Interior Program

The Southern Interior program's priority natural areas.

The Southern Interior Program's priority natural areas. Click to enlarge. (Map by NCC)

From the sun-drenched valleys of the Okanagan Similkameen to the vibrant grasslands of the Thompson Nicola, the southern interior of British Columbia hosts an array of beautiful and ecologically distinct landscapes. Clear lakes, wetlands and rivers give way to gently rolling hills and rising open forests. An abundance of plants and animals have uniquely adapted to the region's mosaic of ecosystems.

The Southern Interior's agricultural potential, ease of development and wealth of resources have made it a desirable destination. A significant portion of the natural environment has already been altered by human activity, while the pressures to convert natural lands continue to increase. This special place must be protected for its inherent value and to ensure the survival of the many species its unique ecology supports.

Priority natural areas

The Nature Conservancy of Canada focuses its work in priority conservation areas that have been identified through our science-based planning initiatives. Find out about our priority areas in the Southern Interior:

 The Frolek family with NCC staff on Frolek Ranch Conservation Area (Photo by NCC)

Heritage Grasslands

 Sage and Sparrow Conservation Area (Photo by NCC)

 South Okanagan Similkameen

 Talking Mountain Ranch, BC (Photo courtesy TLC)

Fraser West

Results you can walk on

Our success isn't just for the birds! We welcome visitors to some of our favourite conservation areas:

Lac du Bois Conservation Area

NCC staff member snowshoeing at Lac du Bois (Photo by NCC)This expanse of rolling grasslands and dry, open forest offers opportunities to explore all year long. Learn more>

 Rattlesnake Bluffs

Yellow-bellied marmots at Rattlesnake Bluffs (Photo by Alan Vernon)Local naturalists come to these bluffs, located within Kamloops city limits, to view bats, birds, bighorn sheep and marmots. Learn more>

 Sage and Sparrow Conservation Area

Sage and Sparrow Conservation Area, BC (Photo by NCC)Sage and Sparrow is nestled on the Canada/U.S. border, a short drive from Osoyoos. Old roads lead hikers through the rich landscape full of spectacular views. Learn more>

Looking for more options? Check out the complete list of Nature Conservancy of Canada conservation areas that you can visit in BC.

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