Fort Ellice Grassland. Photo by NCC.

Fort Ellice Grassland. Photo by NCC.

Manitoba Grassland Birding Festival

Come see our work take flight

The Nature Conservancy of Canada's (NCC's) Manitoba Region is inviting you to join the fun at our first ever Grassland Birding Festival! We wanted to share some of the amazing work NCC and a few of our partners are doing for bird conservation, and hope to see you on June 5 for a time of learning and fun.

Who’s invited?

Everyone! Bring your friends and family and come meet the team working to protect incredible birds across the province.


École St. Lazare (Outdoor classroom),  St. Lazare, Manitoba
June 5, noon-5pm

  • Learn about NCC's work for grassland birds in Manitoba
  • Meet a live burrowing owl
  • Build your own bird nesting box
  • Play bird trivia and win prizes
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Fitness Toilet
Low fitness required. There are no toilets on site.
Conservation Volunteer event food information  
Free hotdogs and drinks will be available!  


Mountain bluebird (Photo by Barbara Pettinger)

Mountain bluebird (Photo by Barbara Pettinger)

Ray and Barbara Pettinger

Ray and Barbara Pettinger are local volunteers who have been caring for the bluebird box line at Fort Ellice since 1994. Learn about how they check the boxes for egg numbers and young, and later on band the young bluebirds. As supplies allow, they'll teach you to buid your own nesting box for installation at your home. On average, there are 35 bluebird and 35 tree swallow nests in the boxes that they monitor for condition and repair each year. The nesting data are collated and submitted in a report to Friends of Bluebirds in Brandon, and the banding information is sent to Ottawa.



Manitoba Burrowing Owl Recovery Program

Manitoba Burrowing Owl Recovery Program

Manitoba Burrowing Owl Recovery Program

The Manitoba Burrowing Owl Recovery Program (MBORP) is a reintroduction, research and educational organization that was established in 2010 to address the on-going decline of burrowing owls in southwestern Manitoba. They'll be bringing along an interpretive owl for you to meet. The program began by reintroducing a small number of owl pairs in 2010 with cooperation from private landowners in southwestern Manitoba. Since then, MBORP has successfully reintroduced owls at several partner sites in the province.




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