Steep Rock Meadows (Photo by NCC)

Steep Rock Meadows (Photo by NCC)

Steep Rock Meadows

Red-headed woodpecker (Photo by D. Fast)

Red-headed woodpecker (Photo by D. Fast)

You can help support conservation in the much-loved Steep Rock area.

Located approximately seven kilometres east of Steep Rock, Manitoba, this 129-hectare (320 acre) project features a mosaic of habitats, including marsh wetlands, mixed-wood matrix forests and grasslands, and supports an incredible range of wildlife. The forests provide habitat for a wide range of mammals, such as moose and elk, and the marsh wetlands are home to waterfowl and migratory bird species.

The Steep Rock area is also important for 100 bird species. Conserving the Steep Rock Meadows will ensure that species such as bank swallow, bobolink, common nighthawk, Eastern whip-poor-will, Eastern wood-pewee, evening grosbeak, horned grebe and red-headed woodpecker have the habitat they need.

This property is a part of the Crossen Marsh wetland complex. Its large, connected area makes the Steep Rock Meadows property an important site for waterfowl and migratory bird migration and breeding.

The Crossen Marsh is hydrologically connected to Lake Manitoba via the Crossen Drain. It provides fish spawning habitat for a number of species found in Lake Manitoba, including walleye, lake whitefish, mullet, Northern Pike and perch.

Connecting nature lovers to wilderness

Steep Rock Meadows is near a popular recreational area: the limestone cliffs of Steep Rock are one of the most photographed sites in Manitoba.

NCC lands are open to the visiting public, with permission, who may wish to hike, bird-watch, observe wildlife and photograph wildlife and the landscapes.

We need your help!

This is your chance to be a part of the conservation of this important place, a place the provides a connection to the land today, and for tomorrow.

NCC must raise $40,000 to purchase and care for Steep Rock Meadows by July 1, 2021.

With your donation we will continue to work with local communities, and manage the land and water for improved overall ecological health.

Donate now!

NCC may direct all or a portion of gifts committed to this projec to NCC's Stewardship Endowment Fund for Manitoba. Revenue generated by the Stewardship Endowment Fund provides for long-term management on properties across the province, including the Steep Rock Meadows property. In the event that this project becomes fully funded or cannot be carried out, your gift will be allocated to the next urgent priority in Manitoba.

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