Dauphin Lake (Photo by NCC)

Dauphin Lake (Photo by NCC)

Cleaning Turtle River Marshes

Turtle River Marshes Conservation Volunteers (Photo by NCC)

Turtle River Marshes Conservation Volunteers (Photo by NCC)

On a recent rainy Saturday, a group of dedicated volunteers joined NCC staff for the 2018 Turtle River Marshes Spring Cleanup Event. Despite the cool and wet weather, the Conservation Volunteers put in a big effort to make sure that the area is a clean and safe place for wildlife.

The Turtle River Marshes project is located at the mouth of the Turtle River, where it enters Dauphin Lake. The property supports a substantial marsh system, providing important breeding, foraging and staging habitat for waterfowl and colony-nesting birds. Many of these birds are attracted to the large concentrations of fish that use the area.

These marshes and adjoining forests are also important for filtering water and protecting the health of the waterbodies in the area.

Humans are attracted to Dauphin Lake as a popular fishing spot. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to the accumulation of trash and fishing debris at the Turtle River Marshes Project. NCC staff and Manitoba Conservation Volunteers recognized the importance of removing such debris to protect the ecosystem and the species that live here.

Although unlucky with the weather, NCC was very lucky to have such hardworking volunteers! Together, the team removed six full garbage bags of trash and debris. This significantly improves the habitat at Turtle River Marshes, removing hazards for the wildlife that live there. A clean marsh may encourage others in the area to keep the marsh and lakeshore clean.

NCC is grateful for the contributions of our volunteers. Visitors to the marshes, whether human, bird or fish, benefit from their commitment to conservation.

This project was funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Natural Areas Program (NACP), a unique public-private partnership led by the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

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