Husavik Beach Ridge Forest (Photo by NCC Staff)

Husavik Beach Ridge Forest (Photo by NCC Staff)

Announcing Manitoba's 2019 NiCCee Award winners

Celebrating the staff behind the region

NiCCee Award (Photo by NCC Staff)

NiCCee Award (Photo by NCC Staff)

At the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), our work is team oriented. Each person’s role contributes to our vision and mission of conserving land for the species that live there. Often our work depends on others to get our job done, which, let’s face it, can cause some frustration when you’re waiting on input to be able to send that email before the weekend.

But each staff member brings something unique to the table to be able to accomplish the great work we do. Lisa Maskus, Manitoba's regional program coordinator, believes this should be celebrated! So during this season of good tidings and cheer, Lisa and the Manitoba social committee wanted to spread some gratitude to our co-workers and celebrate each individual.

Taking inspiration from the TV show "The Office" and the Dundie Awards, we present to you the Manitoba Region's first annual NiCCee awards!

•    Need to stay at a field house? We suggest you ask Ashley Greenley, Most Frequent Field House Guest Award recipient.

•    His passion fuels us and reminds us why we do this job, Most Enthusiastic Award to Cary Hamel.

•    She will get you smiling multiple times a day while she listens to your woes, Everyone’s Friend Award to Christine Chilton.

•    We go to him for the best restaurant advice, Best Taste Award to Josh Dillabough.

•    She can be found at one of her many activities (snowshoeing, Stony mountain, book club), Most Active in her Community Award to Julie Pelc.

•    He racks up travelling distances to get the job done, Most Dedicated Award to Kevin Tenecyke.

•    For always bringing forward solutions not problems, Best Ideas Award to Lisa Maskus.

•    She has done a bit of everything in the last three years, and we won't be surprised if she's RVP in the next three years, Movin’ On Up' Award to Lisa Greaves.

•    You can count on her to always fix a problem while also keeping us well fed, Get 'Er Done Award to Melissa Grantham.

•    She's the first person you see in the Winnipeg office, Queen of the Front Desk Award to Noreen Hawkins.

•    You are most likely to get an email from her at 2 a.m., Busiest Bee Award to Rebekah Neufeld.

•    She brings the business to "business casual,", Best Dressed Award to Rena Molinari.

•    He will fix your computer and fix a fence post in the same day, Jack of All Trades Award to Stephen Gietz.

•    He wowed us at Halloween, Best Spirit Award to Steven Anderson.

•    It's safe to say that he has saved each of us at one point, Best Help Award to Steven Harper.

•    He is the best person to sit beside during meetings because of his side comments. Also the only one to have quoted Rhianna in an email, Best Wit Award goes to Tim Teetaert.

•    He always has a smile on his face and gives us the best Slack content, Best Attitude Award to Tim Gompf.

•    Contracts work best for her busy travelling schedule, Wanderlust Award to Stephanie Murray.

•    He floored us with his eggnog and made those not in the Winnipeg office jealous, Best Snack Award to Brad Kennedy

•    She has already sent enough letters to lose count, Best Mail Merge Award to Hannah Wilson

At such a busy and often overwhelming time of year, the Manitoba Region and our wonderful staff invite you flip the script and try to lead with gratitude; let’s see what it does.

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