Miscou, New Brunswick (Photo by: Mike Dembeck)

Miscou, New Brunswick (Photo by: Mike Dembeck)

Miscou Island Dune Grass Planting

Join the Healthy Coasts NB team and Miscou Island community partners on October 1 for a dune grass planting event!

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Climate change and erosion are causing Miscou Island beaches and dunes to quickly disappear. It is important to protect the grasses and trees here as their roots hold the sand together. These dunes help protect habitat for animals, plants as well as people’s homes and cottages. Help nature and be part of the solution to protecting our beautiful Miscou Island.

Participants will meet at La Vieille École de Miscou for a quick introduction and then head to the dune site to plant marram grass plants. Afterwards, the group will head back to the school for a snack and social. To register for this event or for more information, please contact the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Atlantic community engagement coordinator, Jennifer White, at jennifer.white@natureconservancy.ca or toll-free at 1-877-231-3552.

What to bring: water, snacks, sturdy hiking boots or sneakers, work gloves, rain gear (just in case!), layers of clothing, bug spray, sunscreen, hat.

Trail difficulty: Light to moderate, walking along a beach.

Healthy Coasts NB is a multi-year, multi-partner project with the collective vision of “a path to healthy coasts and thriving communities in harmony with nature.” Using a Two-Eyed Seeing approach, the project will work with communities to identify and support activities along the coast of the Gulf of St. Lawrence in New Brunswick that will benefit species and coastal habitats of conservation concern and cultural importance. The project also aims to support community livelihoods by encouraging a safe, resilient and sustainable coastal way of life. The Nature Conservancy of Canada is a Healthy Coasts NB project partner. For more information about the Healthy Coasts NB project, please visit Healthy Coasts NB | Nature NB.

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