2021 interns in the field, NB (Photo by NCC)

2021 interns in the field, NB (Photo by NCC)

First steps as a summer intern

Beth Brooks, Conservation Intern (Photo by NCC)

Beth Brooks, Conservation Intern (Photo by NCC)

As the days get longer and warmer, an exciting spring tradition is underway: young people taking their first steps toward a summer work term.

This summer, the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC) Atlantic Region has provided 13 paid internships to young people who are passionate, energetic and learning to become tomorrow’s conservation leaders.

“It's only my second week working with NCC, but it already feels like I’m part of a team of people who can really make a positive difference in our natural areas throughout Canada. I’m looking forward to getting out to places that I haven’t been before, like Brier Island to see Big Meadow Bog and the eastern mountain aven!” -  Ben Gormley, Nova Scotia Conservation Intern, 2021

A key part of NCC’s internship program is mentorship. For over 20 years, NCC has provided real-world experience with dedicated staff who guide, coach, motivate and act as a role model to hundreds of young Canadians. And the mentors know the value of the program because many started their careers as interns.

“Today’s interns are aspiring biologists, foresters, communicators and scientists, so by investing in them, we are helping contribute to Canada’s conservation leaders of tomorrow. We are proud to work in local communities and equip our youth with the skills, training and work experience they need to advance in their career paths.” -  Kelly Cain, Regional Vice-president

The interns joining NCC come with a wide variety of skills and goals. Some will support conservation work on the ground by collecting critical information and developing reports to help inform land management practices. Others will learn and practice technical skills to produce maps and information databases to drive conservation priorities. And one, in the communications intern role, will help share NCC’s stories of stewardship with supporters like you.

“One week in, I can confidently say that joining the Nature Conservancy of Canada is and will continue to be an eye-opening experience for me personally and professionally. Whether it’s virtually meeting fellow interns or learning about the outstanding stewardship projects occurring around Atlantic Canada, I am certain that the weeks ahead will be filled with exciting challenges and opportunities for growth. I 'm looking forward to advancing my storytelling skills." - Saba Mozaffari, Atlantic Region Communications Intern, 2021

Donate today to ensure the tomorrow’s leaders have hands-on experience with knowledgeable mentors and are ready to turn their passion and energy into help conserve Canada’s natural areas. Call 1-877-231-440 to donate.

As a charity, NCC relies on the generosity of donors to provide these internship opportunities. Gifts today will be matched with contributions from Husky, the Hewitt Foundation and government programs.

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