Staley Point, ON (Photo by NCC)

Staley Point, ON (Photo by NCC)

Pamela Stagg, host of

Pamela Stagg, host of "The County, Naturally" on 99.3 Country FM.

Pamela Stagg

Radio Host at 99.3 County FM

Pamela Stagg’s life has been about following her passions and discovering where they might lead her. The journey has taken her beyond her wildest dreams. A graduate of art college and university, Pamela spent most of her career as an advertising writer and creative director, including 25 years heading her own company. Currently she hosts a popular radio program, "The County, Naturally" on 99.3 County FM in Prince Edward County.

A skilled botanical painter, Pamela has had her work exhibited on both sides of the Atlantic and won the 1991 Royal Horticultural Society Gold Medal. Pamela’s artwork has also been featured on a gold coin for the Royal Canadian Mint.

Retirement has allowed Pamela to spend more time kayaking and return to birdwatching – now called birding, which she first discovered as a teenager. She teaches bird identification and creates presentations for field naturalist clubs. A favourite topic of hers is the role of new technology in monitoring migration.

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