Trail at Creemore Nature Preserve. Photo by NCC.

Trail at Creemore Nature Preserve. Photo by NCC.

Creemore Nature Preserve closed for trail maintenance

September 9, 2021
Creemore, ON


The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) will begin necessary trail maintenance and upgrades at its Creemore Nature Preserve beginning September 13, 2021. The property will be closed to the public from then until September 17.

The trail maintenance and upgrades will help ensure that your next visit is safer and more enjoyable. It will also help maintain the ecological integrity of this nature preserve, which is home to variety of rare and at-risk species. Contractors will be working long days to limit the amount of time the trails will be closed to the public. For your own safety and that of the workers, please respect the trail closure signs.

NCC works to protect critical landscapes and the species they sustain. All of NCC’s properties are important conservation areas. Once the property re-opens, NCC asks that visitors respect nature by staying on designated trails, keeping their pets on leash, packing out what they pack in, and leaving nature undisturbed by never picking flowers, leaves, mushrooms or animals to take home.

To learn more about this project, volunteer opportunities or to donate, please contact NCC conservation biologist Britany Hope at 877-231-3552 ext. 5301, or email


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