Central Big Creek Block, Southern Norfolk Sand Plain, ON (Photo by Gregg McLachlan)

Central Big Creek Block, Southern Norfolk Sand Plain, ON (Photo by Gregg McLachlan)

Non-profit restores 127 hectares (314 acres) of wetland habitat in Norfolk County

February 2, 2020
Port Rowan, ON


The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is announcing the restoration of several wetlands in Norfolk County.

Starting back in 2010, the non-profit land conservation organization began a mission to restore wetland habitat on its lands in the lower reaches of the Big Creek and Dedrick watersheds in Norfolk County. In the 1800s, wetlands made up 30 per cent of the Haldimand-Norfolk County landscape. By 2002, this number dropped to less than six per cent.

Since the spring of 2018, NCC and local contractors have restored 127 hectares (314 acres) of wetland and surrounding habitat in the Norfolk area. These restored wetlands are important to the health of the local watershed. They mitigate floods by absorbing and holding water like a giant sponge and improve drinking water quality by filtering nutrients and removing sediment and even bacteria.

By recreating some of these lost wetlands, NCC’s restoration work is improving connectivity between protected areas, creating more habitat for native plants and animals, and restoring natural hydrology.

It is thanks to the support of partners like Intact Financial Corporation, that NCC is able to do this critical work. In 2018, the corporation made a commitment of $155,000 over two years to support NCC’s wetland creation work in Ontario and other water-related projects in Quebec.

With Intact Financial Corporation’s help, NCC has been able to create more wetland and upland habitat (the meadows that surround the wetlands) in Norfolk County.

“Wetlands are among the most productive and important ecosystems on Earth,” says Kristen Bernard, NCC’s program director for southwestern Ontario. “They provide habitat for wildlife, act as nurseries for fish, reduce flooding and clean our water. That’s why it’s so important to restore some of what we have lost here in Norfolk.”

This year, NCC hopes to raise the funds required to increase the amount of restored wetland and upland habitat by nine hectares (23 acres) in Norfolk County. To find out more about this project, or to donate, please contact Laura Vaughan, NCC’s senior development officer, at 1-800-465-0029 or laura.vaughan@natureconservancy.ca.


The Big Creek watershed is located upstream of the Long Point Wetland Complex, an internationally recognized wetland under the Ramsar Convention and a globally Important Bird Area.


View and download photos here: https://adobe.ly/2uuko5r


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