Kenauk (Seigneurie Papineau)  (Photo by Mike Dembeck)

Kenauk (Seigneurie Papineau) (Photo by Mike Dembeck)

Tim Hartley (Photo by Wendy Hartley)

Tim Hartley (Photo by Wendy Hartley)

Interview with Timothy (Tim) Hartley, ambassador for the protection of Kenauk, a territory located in Montebello, Outaouais

A loyal donor, active volunteer and Leader in Conservation, Tim Hartley joined the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) in 2014. His visionary spirit is an undeniable asset to our organization. Learn what motivates him to continue this relationship by reading our interview below.

NCC: How did you first find out about NCC?
Tim Hartley (TH): My wife’s great aunt, who lived to the age of 92, loved nature in all forms and was a strong supporter of many charities. She was the one who initially introduced our children and us to NCC many years ago. I am also a retired TD banker, and TD is a big supporter and promoter of NCC.
NCC: What’s so special about Kenauk?
TH: I have been fortunate to enjoy the Kenauk property, and in particular Lac Papineau, since I was six years old. So that is a long time! I also attended a school in the area, where the outdoors was an extension of our classroom. I value the pristine and unchanged nature of the property, the variety of terrain and the vast amounts of wildlife.
NCC: What motivates you to stay involved with NCC?
TH: I am so pleased that the Nature Conservancy of Canada is a partner in the ownership of Kenauk. I support NCC's ideals to protect the land, animal and tree species. NCC’s commitment to conserving properties all over Canada, and especially their work in the Kenauk area, motivates me to support the organization and remain involved. I have benefitted from NCC’s educational programs on this property and have become more aware of some of the rare species that surround us. Kenauk is such a unique piece of property with a rich heritage. My hope is that it will remain for the benefit of many generations to come.
NCC: How would you describe NCC to others?
TH: NCC is an organization that is committed to the protection of land and wildlife in its natural state. NCC staff have a broad skill set that spans the sciences, such as biology and botany. In addition, they have a deep belief in the work they do, which motivates others to be more environmentally conscious.  
NCC: How does philanthropy reflect your values?
TH: I believe that we all have a responsibility to support organizations that do valuable work, allowing them to grow and expand their reach. If you have the capacity to give, I believe it’s very important to share. It is also is very rewarding.  
NCC: What knowledge would you like to pass on to your children and grandchildren?
TH: The importance of appreciating nature in a non-urban environment. This not only enriches our human experience, it also assists us in many everyday situations, such as problem solving, and allows us to enjoy a broader sense of the world.

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