Green Mountains, Sutton Sector (Photo by NCC)

Green Mountains, Sutton Sector (Photo by NCC)

Jean-Michel Beaulieu

Jean-Michel Beaulieu

Jean-Michel Beaulieu: Going the distance for our environment

Jean-Michel Beaulieu, a member of the Nature Conservancy of Canada's (NCC’s) young philanthropist leaders committee, recently held his third fundraising event for Canada's natural areas.

His campaign, which ran from September 6 to 20, 2019, raised $3,533. Jean-Michel himself contributes $1 for every dollar raised, for a total of $7,066, which will be donated to NCC for land securement projects, scientific partnerships and stewardship of the organization's properties.

These fundraising campaigns are also opportunities for Jean-Michel to challenge himself since, in the course of a campaign, he runs a long-distance race and commits to increasing his contribution if he achieves the time objective he sets for himself.

"In addition to helping me raise more money, doing it this way allows me to have conversations, sometimes quite in-depth, about the issues we face and how NCC can contribute to solutions. I like to think that my fundraising campaigns can awaken some people to an interest in something greater than themselves," he explains.

Jean-Michel is also a member of the Nature Legacy Society, which means that NCC is listed as a beneficiary in his Will.

A great thank you, Jean-Michel, for your commitment to nature conservation, your determination to make a difference and your contagious enthusiasm!

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