Photo by Boréal

Photo by Boréal

Q&A with Christian and Jean-Sébastien Lajoie, co-owners of Boréal

Recently, we had the chance to talk with Christian (CL) and Jean-Sébastien Lajoie (JSL), two young entrepreneurs. These bold cousins decided to pursue their uncle’s work by becoming co-owners of a “mattresses inspired by nature” workshop. Their company — Boréal — has found in the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) an organization that shares one of their own interests: protecting the environment. “Taking the time to pause, to soak in the beauty of nature and enjoy this feeling of well-being that makes us forget everyday worries for a while. It’s this state of harmony and serenity that inspires us.”

NCC: How did you find out about NCC?

CL: We were looking for an organization, with which we would have certain shared values, to develop a true relationship, and not just to make a donation to lighten our conscience. We quickly realized that NCC was a partner with whom we could envision a long-term association.

NCC: What is your contribution to NCC?

JSL: For every mattress sold, a $10 donation is made to NCC. We also hope that our clients will want to know a little more about NCC’s mission and activities, which, through a knock-on effect, will help introduce future contributors to the organization.

NCC: Why is it important for you to support NCC’s activities?

CL: We really like NCC’s direct and concrete approach. We believe they use their donations intelligently and have the capacity to make a real difference.

NCC: How would you describe NCC to your friends and family?

JSL: NCC is a transparent conservation organization with no political affiliations. Their vision for the conservation of natural sites and biodiversity is based on scientific data and respect for local stakeholders.

NCC: As an entrepreneur, why do you think it is important to protect nature?

CL: The answer seems obvious when you’re addicted to nature. In our opinion, companies must have a certain degree of involvement in society, commensurate with their means. Every concrete gesture to protect nature, big or small, is important so that future generations can also enjoy this priceless wealth.

NCC: How does your fondness for nature come across in the manufacturing of Boréal’s products?

JSL: We make mattresses from natural fibres such as cotton, wool and eucalyptus fibre, thanks to the benefits these fibres provide. As a result, we are able to design mattresses without any flame-retardant treatment, a process that more and more people are concerned about. We also believe in the principle that a quality product maintained for several years reduces the total amount of waste over the years. I imagine that our fondness for nature is also indirectly reflected in our way of being simple and authentic with our customers, our employees and our NCC collaborators.

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