Île aux Grues upper marsh (Photo by NCC)

Île aux Grues upper marsh (Photo by NCC)

Young philanthropist leaders committee

  • Monica Dingle

    Monica Dingle
    Committee instigator

  • Céline Legendre

    Céline Legendre
    Committee instigator
    Partner, Litigation, Osler

  • Jean-Michel Beaulieu

    Jean-Michel Beaulieu
    Financial analyst, BMO

  • Antoine Brosseau Wery

    Antoine Brosseau Wery
    Senior Manager, Tax, KPMG

  • Nicolas Désy

    Nicolas Désy
    Partner, McCarthy Tetrault

  • Loïc Fourniller

    Loïc Fourniller
    Functional consultant, Workjam

  • Olivier Germain

    Olivier Germain
    Director, Operations and Development, Groupe Toqué! and Residential Real Estate Broker

  • Marie-Julie Lanctôt

    Marie-Julie Lanctôt
    Lawyer, Human Resources Management and Labor Law

  • Vincent L-Dionne

    Vincent L-Dionne
    Residential Real Estate Broker, Beldex Immobilier Inc.

  • Meghan Rose

    Meghan Rose
    VP, Merchandising and Marketing, Heritage Home Fashion

  • Francois Schumayer

    Francois Schumayer
    VP, Champlain Financial Corp

  • Alexina Zummo-Latreille

    Alexina Zummo-Latreille
    Lawyer | Legal Counsel, Corporate and legal affairs, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

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