Green Mountains, Sutton Sector (Photo by NCC)

Green Mountains, Sutton Sector (Photo by NCC)

SUTTON's entrance to the Green Mountains Nature Reserve

Green Mountains Nature Reserve, Quebec (Photo by NCC)

Green Mountains Nature Reserve, Quebec (Photo by NCC)

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At the entrance of the Green Mountains Nature Reserve in Sutton, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has protected 299 hectares of ecologically sensitive lands. Adjacent to the Mont SUTTON ski resort, the newly acquired property is accessible to the public at all times, through walking trails maintained by Parc d’environnement naturel de Sutton.


A unique natural environment

Located in the Eastern Townships close to Montreal, the property covers the Dos d’Orignal and the northwest side of Mount Gagnon. There are 18 streams that flows through the property. They provide  an important reserve of crystal clear water, key to the survival of spring salamander, an at-risk species. Two other species at risk live here: Bicknell’s thrush in the dense, high-altitude fir stands, and Canada warbler, found in mixed forest with heavy brush. The site also provides habitat for wide-ranging mammals, such as moose and fisher. It also features a rich old-growth forest. This site, with its incomparable view, will remain in excellent condition and free from development.

The property adds to the Green Mountains Nature Reserve, which currently covers 17,300 acres (7,001 hectares). Protecting this area for the long term will ensure the protection of spectacular views, such as those on the Dos d’Orignal loop.

Appalachian Corridor, Parc d’environnement naturel de Sutton and Les Sentiers de l’Estrie have worked jointly with NCC to carry out this project and raise funds.

Interested members of the public are invited to contribute online here. Additional funds will help complete the financial plan and to enhance this great forest property by maintaining and improving the current network of trails.

NCC has raised funds thanks to the generous donations of various local residents and stakeholders, as well as foundations, government agencies and conservation organizations and the governments of Quebec, Canada and United States. They all put their shoulders to the wheel to achieve this important conservation project!

                 Environment and Climate Change Canada

  • Beaulieu-Saucier Foundation
  • Sweet Water Trust - In memory of Terri Monahan

                Sweet Water Trust

                Open Space Institute

               US Fish and Wildlife Service

              Appalachian Corridor

             Fondation Hydro-Québec pour l'environnement

             Echo Foundation

             Moment Factory

  • The KCMN Velan Foundation
  • Ewa & Harold Scheer
  • Peter & Amy Howick
  • Jacques et Liliane Authier 
  • Peter E. Johnson
  • Céline De Pelteau and  Paul Poirier
  • Bonin Family - in memory of Terri Monahan
  • Éric Fournier and Carole Deniger
  • Mr. David James and Mrs Lili de Grandpré
  • Pierre Des Marais II
  • François Daigneault
  • Ernst Hafeli and Jocelyne Tremblay
  • Ingrid Martin
  • Julie Pelletier
  • Simon Chamberland
  • Stephan A. Botez
  • Luc Dupras
  • Michel Marcouiller
  • Jacques Benoit
  • Marie-Christine Roberge
  • Michael Grayson
  • Donald Bissonnette
  • Louis Lafrance
  • Jean-Marc Guillemette
  • Pierre Jetté
  • Pierre Archambault
  • Patricia Lefevre
  • Sylvain Choiniere
  • Francois Nadeau
  • Daniel Laplante and Sylvie Parent
  • Jacques Viau
  • Sylvie Quesnel
  • Anik Kelly
  • Karine Montpetit

And others wishing to remain anonymous.

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