Ivey Property, SK (Photo by NCC)

Ivey Property, SK (Photo by NCC)

Ivey Property

Western Red Lily at Ivey Property, SK (Photo by Desiree Idt)

Western Red Lily at Ivey Property, SK (Photo by Desiree Idt)

Size: 65 hectares (160 acres)

Location: NE 11-25-12-W2, in the RM of Ituna-BonAccord. The property is 7.5 kilometres southwest of Ituna and 170 kilometres northeast of Regina.

Directions: From Regina, take Highway 10 northeast to Balcarres. Turn north on Highway 310 and follow until you are approximately 1.6 kilometres south of Ituna. Turn west of the grid road and travel 5 kilometres. The property is adjacent to the grid road.


 Map with driving directionsIvey Property Map

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Significance: The Ivey Property includes 38 hectares (95 acres) of aspen forest and wetlands, as well as 26 hectares (65 acres) of restored native grassland. This habitat in the Aspen Parkland provides a home for western red lilies, wood anemone, red-tailed hawks, ruffed grouse and many other unique critters! A hiking trail is accessible on the east side of the property.


Possible tasks: Adding to species list, watching for invasion of yellow toadflax and helping to control it, recording the condition of the restored native grassland and monitoring for property changes.

Disclaimer: All visitors to NCC properties do so at their own risk.

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