Point-No-Point Resort

Point-No-Point Resort

Point-No-Point Resort

Situated on the rugged, southwest coast of Vancouver Island on a bluff overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Point-No-Point Resort was originally established by a retiring nurse who purchased the recently clearcut crown land in 1952 with a determination to nurture it back to its natural state and establish a haven for travellers on the remote West Coast Road. The unusual “Point-No-Point” name came from the original survey of this stretch of coast, which refers to a secondary point of land that is apparent, but doesn’t extend farther than the two primary points on either side of it, commonly referred to as a “point-no-point.”

The Soderberg family began managing the resort in the mid-1970s and still own and manage this destination resort today. By 1981, the family started a conversation with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) to better understand and manage the continued recovery of the forest and the protection of the other ecological values that characterize the resort’s 16 hecatres (40 acres). It is these re-wilded and natural surroundings that make the resort’s private, 25 cottages and award-winning restaurant so successful over the past half century.

We are very proud of our affiliation with Point-No-Point Resort, and we are grateful for the annual support the resort provides to help us advance our land conservation work in British Columbia and across Canada.

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