Be batty (Illustration by Belle Wuthrich)

Be batty (Illustration by Belle Wuthrich)

Be batty

Shine the bat signal and do your part to help Canada’s declining bat populations

Bats may be commonly associated with a certain superhero, but these often-misunderstood mammals are facing many threats, including habitat loss and a fast-spreading fungal disease called white-nose syndrome.

Here are a few things you can do to help bats (find out more at natureconservancy.ca/bats):

1. Build and install a bat box near your home, with just a few tools and some easy-tosource materials.

2. Become a bat watcher by converting your smartphone into a bat detector.

3. If you have to remove bats from your house, use humane practices and/or keep them from re-entering your home.

4. Find out more about the bat species in your neighbourhood, and your share your story on social media with the hashtag #MySmallAct.

NCC is protecting habitat for bats across Canada. We are also monitoring bat populations on our properties, and working with the Toronto Zoo on their Native Bat Conservation Program. Find out more about these small acts and how you can help bats in your neighbourhood at natureconservancy.ca/bats.

This story originally appeared in the spring 2022 issue of the Nature Conservancy of Canada Magazine.

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