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Si at the pond (Photo by Erica Thompson/NCC staff)

Si at the pond (Photo by Erica Thompson/NCC staff)

Growing up on the banks of the St. Lawrence River in eastern Ontario, summer was (and still is) about the hours spent by water; swimming, paddling or reading. Now, my nine-year-old son spends countless hours fishing, identifying turtles and jumping off of docks whenever he gets the opportunity. During our annual vacation in August, we both spend our days dipping in and out of lakes or rivers.

As Canadians, we all have our summer rituals. No matter whether you stick close to home or travel across the country, head to a forest, a lake or a river, one common theme remains: summer is a time for exploration, disconnecting from busy lives and reconnecting with special people and places. I believe that this time spent outside, in nature, is critically important to fostering and inspiring an appreciation for conservation. That’s why we at the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) have been thinking carefully about how we can play a role in building bonds between people and nature while we continue conserving Canada’s areas of highest biodiversity.

This summer, we’re launching the Nature Destinations program, which invites Canadians to explore some of the best examples of our country’s natural places while promoting the importance of conservation.

In this issue of the Nature Conservancy of Canada Magazine, we introduce you to the newly launched Nature Destinations and invite you to explore, discover and connect with this special collection of NCC properties.

It’s been an important initiative for me, as my son will soon turn 10 years old. How do we make time to find our special places his special places? Nature Destinations are about bringing more outside into our lives. Who knows what we will see, what we will find together?

Erica Thompson,
Senior National Director,
Conservation Engagement & Development

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