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Catherine Grenier, president and CEO of NCC (Photo by Geneviève Lesieur)

Catherine Grenier, president and CEO of NCC (Photo by Geneviève Lesieur)

Every spring, after a long winter, our vast northern forests and ecosystems “wake up” and take a long, deep breath. They breathe in C02, and photosynthesis kicks into overdrive. When that happens, scientists around the world can measure a dramatic dip in the levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

That’s the power of nature. And in an era when we face the twin crises of biodiversity loss and climate change, nature is our ally. From the food on our tables to our health and well-being, nature provides myriad essential, and largely undervalued, solutions to today’s crises.

In this issue of the Nature Conservancy of Canada Magazine, writer Alanna Mitchell explores how these nature-based solutions are our first, and most cost-effective, strategies to counter the challenges society faces. Without nature, there is no path to a sustainable future. That’s why conservation matters, especially in Canada. Since taking up my post as president and CEO close to a year ago (time flies!), I have been energized by your enthusiasm to shape a world where people and nature thrive. Let’s face it: we all need more nature in our lives, especially now!

Your support delivers permanent, on-the-ground conservation every day. But we know Canada, and the world, needs more. At NCC, we are committed to accelerating projects that advance nature-based solutions and exploring how to best scale up our efforts.

In fact, on May 11, we hosted Canada’s first international summit to explore how we can invest in nature to leverage its benefits (learn more at natureconservancy.ca/nbs). As summer arrives, I hope, like me, you are looking forward to sunny days and time spent in nature. Wishing you a safe and happy summer.

Yours in conservation,

Catherine Grenier

President & CEO

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