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Sebastian Kandathil (Photo by Dane Roy)

Sebastian Kandathil (Photo by Dane Roy)

Sebastian Kandathil is an international student and Conservation Volunteer whose bike helps him connect with nature in new ways.

I am an outdoor person and always enjoy exploring nature. Over the last four years, I enjoyed hiking most of the Himalayan trails. As my master’s degree from the University of Saskatchewan is on vegetation management and restoration, I need to be good in plant and soil identification. However, as I am new to Canada, most of the plants found in Saskatchewan are new to me. So, I decided to get outdoors and to spend most of my free time studying the plants of Saskatchewan.

Unlike most of the trails of the Himalayas, I found the trails in the province more accessible by bike. I started biking to most of my favourite spots to do my adventures and to study the plants and soil of this province. I used my bike for the entire summer, took pictures of plants and improved my plant identification skills. I found biking more convenient for me than any other method. I can access almost all of the trails in Saskatchewan and can stop anywhere to take pictures of plants that I notice on my way. I explored most of the biking trails in Saskatchewan, including the Meewasin Trail. Moreover, I also bike to different volunteering spots if they are not accessible by public transit.

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