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Gurdeep Pandher (Photo by Peter Mather)

Gurdeep Pandher (Photo by Peter Mather)

I spent my childhood on my family’s farm, which nurtured my deep and lifelong affinity for nature; a passion that weaves its way through my writing and dancing. Bhangra as a dance form was created out in nature in Punjab.

Here in the Yukon, when I dance outside, it connects me to the roots of this dance form. I moved to Canada in 2006 from the small village of Siahar in Punjab, making my home in several cities across Canada, from Saskatoon to Whitehorse in 2011, where I live now. The Yukon is unlike any other place in Canada, with landscapes characterized by raw, quiet stretches of undisturbed nature. These wild spaces bring a peace and inspiration to me that translates through dance.

The nature here is dancing 24/7, so when I dance, I feel like nature and I are together. It’s a companionship, and we are one. I carry this sentiment with me while I dance. I dance my way through life with an open mind and heart, both guided by the solace I find through my love for nature. I hope everyone can create joy in nature, carry it with them and then share it with the world.

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