Water lilies, Elleslie Creek Conservation Area (Photo by NCC)

Water lilies, Elleslie Creek Conservation Area (Photo by NCC)

Corporate Giving

Investing in nature-positive: Canada's largest conservation partner

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is the country's unifying force for nature, working to deliver large-scale, permanent, land conservation. Together, we unlock nature’s power, so life can thrive.

Canadians are looking for corporate Canada to take a leadership role in tackling the climate crisis*

  • 80% of studies show stock price performance is positively correlated with good sustainability practices.
  • Companies that adopt environmental standards have seen a 38% increase in employee loyalty and a 16% increase in productivity.
  • 46% of Canadian customers pay a lot of attention to environmental and societal issues in the news.**
  • Nature-based solutions help mitigate risks from extreme climate impacts (i.e., watershed protection/restoration projects to mitigate flood risk or reforestation to support decarbonization).

*Source: Harvard Business Review/**Source: Kantar survey

Partnering with NCC can help you achieve your strategic and environmental, social and corporate governance goals

  1. Strategic philanthropy: Support a program, critical landscape in a specific geographic area, habitat type or initiative aligned with your business interests.
  2. Customer campaigns: Contribute a portion of sales on a specific day or from a particular product/service, or ask your customers to round up their purchases to participate in protecting nature.
  3. Corporate donation: Help support NCC’s overall mission with a corporate donation (tax receipt available if donation is eligible).

Brand positioning

Positioning your brand as a supporter of conservation to NCC’s community of over 488,000 through our magazine, newsletter and social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube).

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NCC’s corporate development team can customize a partnership framework that achieves your partnership objectives. Contact Jasmine Steffler to explore partnership opportunities with NCC.

Corporate partnerships eligible for marketing benefits begin at $25K/year for national reach and $5K/year for provincial-based promotion.

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