Snowy owl (Photo by Shutterstock)

Snowy owl (Photo by Shutterstock)

Symbolic Species and Habitat Adoptions

Give back to nature with the symbolic adoption of a habitat or species. Symbolic gifts make the perfect eco-friendly gift. Plus, your donation goes directly to conserving habitat for species across Canada.

Browse our symbolic adoption catalogue, and choose from a wide variety of species and habitats at giving.natureconservancy.ca.

Adopt a species or habitat

You’ll receive a frame-ready personalized certificate, informational booklet about your adopted species or habitat and a 2024 NCC calendar that showcases the breathtaking landscapes and species that nature lovers like you are protecting!

Paperless symbolic gifts are available

Perfect for last-minute shopping or an eco-friendly paperless option.

Adopt now

How symbolic adoptions make a difference

When you make a symbolic adoption, the proceeds go directly toward funding conservation projects and initiatives.

This means that your gift protects nature forever. In return, nature protects us by storing carbon, improving water quality and providing healthy habitats for the plants and animals that depend on these places for survival.

Adopting a species or habitat is a rewarding and fun way to take action for nature. Your gift will: 

  • Protect wildlife: safeguarding your favourite species and the precious habitats they call home. 
  • Conserve beautiful landscapes: securing natural areas and ensuring that the breathtaking beauty that Canada is known for remains intact — forever! 
  • Care for ecosystems: safeguarding and restoring natural areas to offer healthier habitats for the plants and animals that depend on them.
  • Share your love of nature: giving a lasting gift to someone special. 

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