Flowers on Waldron, AB (Photo by Kyle Marquardt)

Flowers on Waldron, AB (Photo by Kyle Marquardt)

Purpose and values

Hikers at Freshwater Bay, NL (Photo by Dennis Minty)

Hikers at Freshwater Bay, NL (Photo by Dennis Minty)

Our purpose

With nature, we build a thriving world.

The interconnection of people and nature is the Nature Conservancy of Canada's (NCC's) foundation; the idea that we are all one with nature. Together, through purposeful actions, we have the opportunity to build toward a greater good — a thriving world. Because when nature thrives, people thrive.

Our values

Our culture is defined by our values. They shape how we interact with each other, our partners and supporters. More than a collection of business units, NCC is a vibrant community of passionate conservation champions. Our behaviours and beliefs support the actions that drive us toward our goals.

Big thinking

  • We are energized by bold ideas.
  • We are ambitious: we aim to make the world a better place.
  • We lead with courage.
  • We celebrate innovation.


  • We listen, we learn, we adapt.
  • We embrace different perspectives and ways of knowing.
  • We seek dynamic collaboration to multiply our impact.
  • We celebrate and encourage the full participation of people from all walks of life.


  • We are confident and optimistic.
  • We are open to possibilities.
  • We act with intention to relentlessly deliver results.
  • Our experience, and the experience of others, informs our actions.


  • We facilitate opportunities for others to achieve their aspirations.
  • We cultivate trust through openness and transparency.
  • We encourage initiative.
  • We strive for bold conservation achievements in which equity, diversity and inclusion are the norm.

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