Alfred-Kelly Nature Reserve, Quebec

Alfred-Kelly Nature Reserve, Quebec

Alfred-Kelly Nature Reserve, Quebec

Most places under NCC's care welcome visitors. Please check site-specific pages on this website for access information and any special restrictions.

The reserve is of great interest for birdwatchers, who may spot 22 of Quebec's 27 raptor species here. The small lakes are also used by mallards and other waterfowl.

The property is home to moose, beavers and small animals such as porcupines, American minks, hares and common garter snakes. It is also recognized for its rare red oak and white pine stands and its rich maple and linden stands.

Trail length: There are four starting points located in Piedmont and Prévost, offering access to loops of varying lengths.
Hike difficulty: Moderate to strenuous.
Amenities on-site: Parking is authorized and available at each of the four entrances. There are no benches or shelters on site.

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Points of interest

  • Lac Paradis
  • Wetland and beaver dam
  • Viewpoints from the top of the cliffs


Option 1: Prévost

  1. From Montreal, travel north on Highway 15 and take exit 55 (Prévost).
  2. Follow Route 117 North to the Gare de Prévost (Prévost train station).
  3. The trail starts at the gateway located on the north side of Rue de la Station, next to the P’tit Train du Nord bike path.

Option 2: Piedmont

  1. On Highway 15 North, take exit 58 for Piedmont/Chemin Avila.
  2. Turn right on Chemin du Moulin.
  3. Turn left onto QC-117 N.
  4. Turn right onto Chemin de la Gare to reach the Gare de Piedmont (146 Chemin de la Gare).
  5. Head southeast on Chemin de la Rivière and continue to the end of the road where there is parking. Here, there is a trail map showing the way to the reserve.

All visitors to NCC properties are responsible for their own safety.

Help us protect Alfred-Kelly Nature Reserve’s biodiversity

As a guest of this exceptional site, your cooperation is essential to ensuring its protection and long-term maintenance. We rely on your cooperation to always follow the trails that are marked on the official map installed at the entrance.

Pets are strictly forbidden on the reserve, as their presence can disrupt sensitive habitats and pose undue stress to wildlife in the area.

Bicycles and motorized vehicles are strictly forbidden on the reserve. The trails were not designed for mountain bike or motorized vehicle use. Due to the potential environmental impact and safety concerns associated with these activities, they are strictly forbidden on the reserve. Due to the fragility of this territory and its ecological importance, we must act carefully. Hunting, camping, trapping, fruit and flower picking and other activities are therefore forbidden.

Permitted and prohibited uses at the Alfred-Kelly Nature Reserve

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