• Narwhals (Photo by Mario Cyr)
    5 questions about nature in the Great White North

    How much do you know about Canada’s Great White North and Arctic species? You may be surprised: many wide-ranging species can be found above the Arctic Circle at some parts of the year, and close to us at other times.
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  • North America at night (Photo by Earth Observatory, NASA/Wikimedia Commons)
    5 questions about light pollution

    In a not so distant past, urban and rural night skies were all tinged with the same magic. Today, you can still admire the vast celestial panorama when you travel outside of major urban centres.
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  • Endangered western prairie white-fringed orchid in the tall grass prairie, MB (Photo by NCC)
    5 questions about endangered species

    Whether it is large as the plains bison or discreet as the eastern mountain aven (a flower of Nova Scotia), each species is a part of Canada's biodiversity that was built over thousands of years. Unfortunately, this balance is increasingly threatened.
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  • The beautiful view overlooking NCC’s Hazel Bird Nature Reserve, ON (Photo by NCC)
    Five questions about spring

    If there is one season that Canadians hope for fervently each year, it's spring! After months of cold weather, it's time to open the windows wide and put away winter hats and mittens. Here are five questions on the theme of this much-awaited season.
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  • Canada goose (Photo by Helen Jones)
    How well do you know your migratory species?

    According to the saying attributed to Aristotle, "One swallow does not make a summer." We must therefore rely on other migratory species to announce the return of this season of hope and renewal. Here are five questions on some well-known migrants and others that may surprise you!
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  • Polar bear mother and cub, Jones Sound, Nunavut (Photo by NCC)
    April Fools' or Facts?

    Nature can be a source of fascinating facts that would be hard to believe. Try your hand at picking out the fools from the facts with this flip card quiz.
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  • Bear claw marks on a beech tree (Photo by Brooks Greer)
    You can be an animal detective!

    Take this quiz to see how well you can decipher signs of animals in the wild.
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  • Grizzly bear (Photo by Caroline Henri)
    What's for dinner in winter?

    Learn more about the winter diet of five animals protected by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). Take our quiz!
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