Philip Brass speaking on the land (Photo by Jason Bantle)

Philip Brass speaking on the land (Photo by Jason Bantle)

Working together on the land

The dynamics of conservation in Canada are changing. Today, Indigenous Peoples are increasingly being heard and recognized as conservation decision-makers and stewards of the land.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) acknowledges that Indigenous Peoples have protected and cared for the natural areas, plants and wildlife that have sustained them for millennia.

NCC has much to learn from Indigenous Peoples across Canada that will help us to become better land managers and conservationists. NCC, as a leading conservation organization, also has a unique opportunity to contribute the skills we have acquired to assist Indigenous communities and Nations to achieve their conservation and stewardship goals.

Indigenous Conservation map

Indigenous Conservation projects map

NCC’s vision and values for championing conservation together

We envision building meaningful relationships that are grounded in mutual respect and the desire to achieve significant and lasting conservation outcomes. NCC will use our capacity, expertise and influence to act as an ally in support of Indigenous-led conservation projects and as a partner in joint initiatives. NCC will expand our understanding of our lands and waters and improve our stewardship by learning from Indigenous Knowledge and history.

From vision to action

NCC has identified five initial areas of focus to advance our Indigenous conservation partnerships:

  1. We will further develop and formally integrate Indigenous advisory capacity at both the national and regional levels.
  2. We will work with Indigenous advisors and institutions to develop staff training that provides a foundation focused on Indigenous histories and stories to help foster better partnerships.
  3. We are committed to developing site-specific approaches to managing and preserving Indigenous cultural heritage resources while simultaneously respecting access to these resources by members of Indigenous communities.
  4. We will use our knowledge and experience to support Indigenous communities interested in exploring the land trust model to advance reconciliation through land conservation.
  5. We are committed to sharing our technical skills and expertise where needed to support Indigenous conservation initiatives to facilitate the establishment of Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs) across Canada.

To learn more, download NCC’s Indigenous Conservation Framework here. Read NCC's 2023 renewal of that commitment >

To learn more about NCC's progress through the Framework, please read the Progress Reports below:

Stories from the land

We believe by working together, we can achieve great things in restoring and conserving the natural environment that we collectively value.

To learn more about the places we are working in, the projects we are working on and Peoples we are working alongside, click below:

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