Darkwoods, BC (Photo by M.A. Beaucher)

Darkwoods, BC (Photo by M.A. Beaucher)

Investing in Nature

We can’t address rapid biodiversity loss and climate change without nature

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The Earth’s natural systems are rapidly changing because of human activity. When natural systems are degraded or lost, we lose the enormous benefits they provide. By working with nature and not against it, we harness its power to address some of the most urgent challenges our world faces, including biodiversity loss and climate change. For example, forests, wetlands and grasslands help slow the pace of climate change through numerous processes like absorbing carbon and releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere, reducing flooding and preventing drought as well as protecting pollinators that support our food system.

What are nature-based solutions?

Nature-based solutions are actions to protect, sustainably manage and restore ecosystems, effectively benefitting human well-being and biodiversity.

When an investment is made in nature, an investment is made in our future

Historically, nature-based solutions have been undervalued economically. The Accelerator team is changing that by unlocking the value of nature in a way that attracts private capital to conservation — an effort that is more important now than ever. By investing in nature, we contribute to resilient and sustainable landscapes and communities for the next generation and beyond.

Nature-based solutions are the first and most cost-effective strategy for providing a tangible solution for climate change and resilient landscapes with measurable benefits and long-term cost savings. The Accelerator team is developing ways to measure and report on the suite of social, environmental and economical services provided by nature. Whether it is protecting wetlands to prevent the risk of flooding, or purchasing carbon offsets to support strategies for becoming more sustainable, corporate investment in nature is great for business.

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