Gifts of Canadian Nature

Gifts of Canadian Nature

Gifts of Canadian Nature

The Gifts of Canadian Nature program has ended. But we’re excited to announce that symbolic species and habitat adoptions are available again!

Visit giving.natureconservancy.ca to symbolically adopt your favourite Canadian species and habitats.

Adopt now

Adopting a species or habitat is a rewarding and fun way to accelerate conservation in Canada. Your gift will:

  • Protect wildlife: safeguarding your favourite species and the precious habitats they rely on.
  • Conserve beautiful landscapes: securing natural areas and ensuring that the breathtaking beauty that Canada is known for remains intact — forever!
  • Care for ecosystems: safeguarding and restoring natural areas to offer healthier habitats for the plants and animals that depend on them.
  • Share your love of nature: giving a lasting gift to someone special. 

Just like Gifts of Canadian Nature, every symbolic adoption includes a personalized certificate, information booklet and an NCC calendar. There are also digital gifts available, and these paperless gifts come with a brand-new video experience for gift recipients to enjoy.

Thank you for being so invested in conservation and species protection through our Gifts of Canadian Nature symbolic giving program. Your generosity has made a tremendous difference, and we hope you’ll continue to support NCC through our new symbolic adoption program.

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