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Caring for Manitoulin Island Archipelago and Saugeen Bruce Peninsula

Rugged, wild, yet still at risk.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has been working to keep Lake Huron wild for more than 15 years through our conservation work on Cockburn Island, Manitoulin Island and the Saugeen Bruce Peninsula. In that time, we have helped protect over 6,000 hectares (15,000 acres) across these majestic areas.

But invasive species still present a serious threat to local biodiversity with plants like invasive phragmites clogging up the shorelines, wetlands and roadsides. NCC, and our partners, are fighting to keep phragmites, and other invasives, from destroying the views we all love – whether from a boat or from the shore.

Unlike in the south, where on the shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario phragmites has decimated local ecosystems and blocked waterfront views, the remoteness of places like Cockburn Island mean that we still have a chance to eradicate Canada’s worst invader.

Part of the Manitoulin Island Archipelago – the largest fresh water archipelago in the world –Cockburn Island sits at the heart of some of the most popular and beautiful coastal landscapes in Ontario. One of the top ten most important islands of the Great Lakes, this undiscovered island hideaway teems with wildlife – not tourists. But even here the biodiversity needs help and NCC staff and local volunteers are working hard each year to ensure it stays beautiful, and intact.

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Cockburn Island

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