John Sauro marsh, QC (Photo by Peter Palmer)

John Sauro marsh, QC (Photo by Peter Palmer)

Kenauk, Quebec (Photo by Mike Dembeck)

Kenauk, Quebec (Photo by Mike Dembeck)

Cogeco: call of the wild

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is proud to welcome Cogeco as one of our partners. Cogeco has made a five-year commitment to the protection of nature and its wonders. The financial support provided by this valued partner reflects their deep appreciation for nature, but it is an even greater pleasure for NCC to collaborate with a company that is involved in the cause on various levels.

Cogeco has committed to progressively reducing its environmental footprint with the goal of exceeding regulatory requirements. This is a long-term commitment that they are excited to share with the public on their website, while providing updates on their achievements.

During Cogeco’s Community Involvement Day on September 25, 2021, employees decided that the theme would be "Planting Roots in Our Communities." To mark the event, tree plantings were organized in several regions of Canada and the United States where the company operates. This wonderful initiative was made possible through partnerships between Cogeco and various organizations, including Conservation Halton, Grimo Nut Nursery, Trees for Nipissing, Nature-Action Québec, the Association du Mont Rougemont, 3R Durable and the Arbor Day Foundation. This diversity of involvement demonstrates their willingness to get involved, not only with NCC, but with other major conservation organizations in North America!

The communications company offers internet, video and telephone services to residential and business customers. Operating as Cogeco Connexion in Canada and Atlantic Broadband in the United States, it is the eighth largest cable operator in North America. Its Cogeco Media subsidiary owns and operates 23 radio stations offering complementary programming and extensive coverage, serving a wide range of audiences, mainly in the province of Quebec, as well as a news agency, Cogeco News.

It is with pleasure that we thank Cogeco for its partnership. Each donation enables us to protect nature a little more, and it is a pleasure to work alongside great companies from here and abroad that share a commitment to the same mission.

Thank you, Cogeco!

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