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The Nature Legacy Society is a group of over 2,000 Canadians who have left a gift to NCC in their Wills.

As we look back and celebrate 60 years of the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) history, we can’t help but think about the thousands of Canadians who have supported us on this journey, and the vital lands and waters that will be sustained well into the future. NCC has set ambitious goals to ensure that our most cherished habitats and the species that depend on them are conserved for the long term.

Legacy gifts have been instrumental to the foundation of NCC. They have provided us with the funds that support the day-to-day operations of Canada’s largest land conservation charity. These gifts provide  resources that allow us to set ambitious goals and commit to milestone conservation initiatives across Canada.

Nature Legacy Society members share a vision for the future where important ecosystems, habitats and wildlife are protected well beyond their lives. They have trusted NCC with the most precious of gifts: their legacy.

We are honoured to receive bequest gifts from donors and are grateful to the more than 2,000 members of the Nature Legacy Society who have informed us of a future provision to NCC through a gift in their Will. The successes we share as an organization working to conserve our most valuable natural spaces can be directly attributed to the dedication and commitment of you, our donors.

Laurie Arbeau

“My whole life, I have always felt a connection to nature. If one can just take a moment to sit, block out all the human-made sounds and activities, allow yourself to listen and really look at what is before you, it doesn’t take long to realize just how amazing, beautiful and balanced nature is, and to think it costs us nothing to be able to enjoy this reality. “I have a personal saying that is very dear and meaningful to me. It represents how I feel about nature and the lessons my father taught me on several camping trips as I was growing up: “Fly free, swim free, roam free.”

“I choose to leave a gift in my Will to the Nature Conservancy of Canada, as to me this organization represents the very saying that is dear to me. It brings me comfort and peace knowing NCC is hard at work  trying to protect wilderness and wildlife for the good of all.”

– Laurie has been an NCC donor since 2010 and a Nature Legacy Society member since 2019.

Keith Brooks

“From Cathedral Grove in BC, to the Skerwink Trail in Newfoundland, to my own backyard, I have seen many amazing sights offered by nature. I’m entrusting NCC currently with my financial support and  leaving a gift in my Will, as they have demonstrated a love for our natural heritage and a science-based approach on how to conserve it for future generations. By setting priorities and working with others,  NCC has set a great example of how, together, we can make a difference, both today and in the years to come.”

– Keith has been an NCC donor since 2001 and a Nature Legacy Society member since 2011.

Greg Oneschuk

“I have always held a strong position in favour of a healthy and sustainable environment for future generations to enjoy. I believe the goals and policy of NCC closely align with that  philosophy.”

– Greg has been an NCC donor since 2014 and a Nature Legacy Society member since 2018.

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