Summer 2018

NCC Magazine Summer 2018

NCC Magazine Summer 2018

Coming the week of July 2: Learn about the Nature Conservancy of Canada's (NCC's) ecoregional conservation planning process, meet the people who work to help care for NCC's Nature Destinations, find out how to help protect habitat for an endangered butterfly species...and more!


Special connections

Connect the dots

Learn about the large-scale natural areas that guide the efforts of NCC and our partners.

Taking in the view

Nova Scotia’s Brier Island is well worth the journey. Read more >

Portable fun

MEC Kayaking Ambassador Kalob Grady on why he rarely leaves home without his backpack essential.


Good neighbours

Meet a few Canadians who are helping care for NCC’s Nature Destinations here.

Monarch butterfly

Find out how NCC is helping protect habitat for this incredible migrant.

Project updates

Remembering a conservation hero, giving aquatic species a chance to survive and celebrating the world's largest boreal protected area.

Nature as identity

Anishinaabe artist and hunter Philip Brass on the importance of listening to and connecting with the natural world.

Read more >

A natural fit

Conservation Volunteers manager Zoë Arnold on how a conservation internship paved the way for her career.

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