Boots on the trail: Nebo

Nebo, SK (Photo by Mike Dembeck)

Nebo, SK (Photo by Mike Dembeck)

Spectacular landscapes abound in Saskatchewan, where the boreal forest meets the Prairie grasslands.

orries fade as you explore the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) Nebo property, located approximately 70 kilometres from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. The geography here is spectacular, with rolling hills ending in secluded forest-fringed wetlands. As you hike along a remarkable transition zone that bridges boreal forest with Prairie grasslands, you may come across NCC’s forest restoration work that began on-site in 2017; more than 32,000 white spruce seedlings have been planted with the generous support of Tree Canada.

As you look over the hills, you may spot wildlife such as deer, moose, songbirds and many waterfowl.

Map of Nebo by Jacques Perrault

Map by Jacques Perrault


Railbed Trail
Cutblock Trail
West Trail Connection
East Trail Connection

Species to spot

  • American badger
  • American black bear
  • barn swallow
  • black-and-white warbler
  • boreal chickadee
  • Canada jay
  • Canada warbler
  • common nighthawk
  • great crested flycatcher
  • green-winged teal
  • hooded merganser
  • horned grebe
  • moose
  • northern long-eared bat
  • olive-sided flycatcher
  • rusty blackbird
  • western grebe
  • yellow-headed blackbird

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