Cowichan Garry Oak Preserve, BC (Photo by Tim Ennis/NCC)

Cowichan Garry Oak Preserve, BC (Photo by Tim Ennis/NCC)

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  • Cultus Pygmy sculpin (Cultus population) (Photo by Sylvia Letay)
    Culpus pygmy sculpin

    The Cultus pygmy sculpin is one of the smallest species in the sculpin family. Described by scientists as a dwarf form of the coastrange sculpin, it only grows up to around 50 millimetres long in its adult stage.
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  • Deepwater Sculpin (Myoxocephalus thompsonii) (Photo by Doug Watkinson/Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
    Deepwater sculpin

    The deepwater sculpin is found almost exclusively in Canada, with the exception of the American regions of the Great Lakes. The species' diet consists of zooplankton and sometimes leeches, fish eggs and sphaeriid clams.
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  • Eastern foxsnake (Photo by Ryan M. Bolton)
    Eastern foxsnake

    The eastern foxsnake is a provincial and national species at risk whose status was elevated from threatened to endangered in April 2008.
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  • Eastern hog-nosed snake (Photo by Ken Towle)
    Eastern hog-nosed snake

    Canada's Species at Risk Act lists the eastern hog-nosed snake as threatened.
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  • Eastern loggerhead shrike (Photo by Dave Menke, courtesy of USFWS)
    Eastern loggerhead shrike

    The eastern loggerhead shrike, one of the fastest-declining bird species in North America, is a unique songbird. This delicate looking bird, with its characteristic raccoon-like eyemask, hunts like a bird of prey.
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  • Eastern mountain avens (Photo by June Swift)
    Eastern mountain avens

    If you visit Brier Island in Nova Scotia you may see a delicate plant growing at the edge of several bogs. Small and fragile, it may not be well known, but the eastern mountain avens (EMA) is in fact one of the most endangered plants in Canada. And now, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is helping change this.
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  • Musk turtle (Photo by Dawson)
    Eastern musk turtle

    Sometimes referred to as the "stinkpot" turtle, this species emits a strong odour, especially when it is frightened.
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  • Eastern prickly pear cactus (Photo by Pany Goff/Wikimedia Commons)
    Eastern prickly pear cactus

    The eastern prickly pear cactus is a perennial succulent cactus with jointed, curved yet flat green stems. Each of its segments is called a pad, and every one comes equipped with sharp spines and barbed bristles.
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