Cowichan Garry Oak Preserve, BC (Photo by Tim Ennis/NCC)

Cowichan Garry Oak Preserve, BC (Photo by Tim Ennis/NCC)

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  • Northern map turtle (Photo by Gordon E. Robertson)
    Northern map turtle

    This is a large freshwater species.
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  • Salmon (Photo by Photom72, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons)
    Pacific salmon

    Pacific salmon have some of the most complex life cycles of any species on earth. They are anadromous, meaning their eggs are laid and hatch in freshwater, and their young spend at least some of their early lives in freshwater before swimming to the sea to grow and mature.
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  • Eastern painted turtle (Photo by Greg Schechter)
    Painted turtle

    There are three subspecies of painted turtle in Canada: eastern, western and midland.
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  • Peregrine falcon (Photo by Jean-Fran├žois Plouffe)
    Peregrine falcon

    Gaze skyward on a clear day and you might notice a crow-sized, hawk-like silhouette on the edge of a high-rise or cliff. You might be looking at a peregrine falcon.
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  • Pink coreopsis (Photo by Yercaud Elango/Wikimedia Commons)
    Pink coreopsis

    Pink coreopsis, also known as pink tickseed, is a perennial herbaceous plant with 20- to 60-centimetre-long stalks and pink or white flowers with yellow centres.
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  • Piping plover (Photo by Ian Sadler)
    Piping plover

    The piping plover is an endangered shorebird that relies on sand and pebble beaches and saline wetlands.
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  • Purple pitcher plant (Photo by Mark Alexander MacDonald)
    Pitcher plant

    There is only one species of pitcher plant in Canada. The purple pitcher plant, or northern pitcher plant, referred to simply as pitcher plant in Canada, is one of the 18 species of carnivorous plant species in the country.
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  • Plains bison (Photo by Steve Zack)
    Plains bison

    A symbol of determination and indomitable spirit, bison are unmistakable by appearance from other cloven-hoofed, ruminant animals with their massive woolly heads, curved black horns and forequarters.
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