The Forks Prairie Garden, Manitoba (Photo by Thomas Fricke)

The Forks Prairie Garden, Manitoba (Photo by Thomas Fricke)

Natural Heritage Conservation Program

The Natural Heritage Conservation Program (NHCP) is a public-private partnership designed to advance privately protected areas in some of the country’s most cherished landscapes. Launched with a $100 million investment from the Government of Canada the program is administered by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), with contributions from partners like Ducks Unlimited Canada and the country’s land trusts. Wildlife Habitat Canada administers the land trust portion of the program. NCC will work with the program partners to identify land for conservation and raise the funds to match the government’s investment 2:1.

The NHCP partners are committed to protecting an additional 200,000 hectares (494,210 acres) of habitat for species at risk.

The NHCP will bring Canadians together to conserve nature. It continues the momentum of the previous federal partnership administered by NCC: the Natural Areas Conservation Program (NACP). Under the NACP, NCC and its partners conserved more than 446,000 hectares (more than 1.1 million acres) coast to coast, providing habitat for 210 species at risk. As of 2018, the NACP had achieved nearly $1B in conservation outcomes.

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