The Forks Prairie Garden, Manitoba (Photo by Thomas Fricke)

The Forks Prairie Garden, Manitoba (Photo by Thomas Fricke)

Natural Heritage Conservation Program

The Natural Heritage Conservation Program (NHCP) is a unique partnership that mobilizes Canadians to conserve and care for nature. First launched in 2007 as the Natural Areas Conservation Program, the partnership is a model of collaborative conservation. It brings together individuals, Indigenous communities, industry and other levels of government to create lasting conservation solutions.

The program is administered by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), with contributions from partners like Ducks Unlimited Canada and the country’s land trusts. Wildlife Habitat Canada administers the land trust portion of the program, the Land Trust Conservation Fund. NCC works with the program partners to identify land for conservation and raises the funds to match the government’s investment, with contributions from other sources.

Since 2007, this partnership model has achieved great things for conservation in Canada. NCC and program partners have protected and conserved more than 7,900 square kilometres of ecologically sensitive land, which provides habitat for more than 200 species at risk. This was accomplished with more than $471 million invested by the Government of Canada and $982 million in matching funds from NCC and other program partners — a total of more than $1.4 billion in conservation outcomes.

In the most recent program year (April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023), NCC, Ducks Unlimited Canada and 20 regional land trusts conserved more than 1,000 square kilometres — equivalent to an area roughly 1.5 times the size of Toronto. A federal investment of $50 million was matched with over $100 million provided by individuals, corporations, foundations and other levels of government.

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Funding for the Natural Areas Conservation Program provided by Environment and Climate Change Canada

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