Plains bison (Photo by Leta Pezderic/NCC staff)

Plains bison (Photo by Leta Pezderic/NCC staff)

The survival of Canada’s Prairie grasslands depends on us

McIntyre Ranch, AB (Photo by Leta Pezderic/NCC staff)

McIntyre Ranch, AB (Photo by Leta Pezderic/NCC staff)

Together, we can protect 500,000 hectares of Prairie grasslands by 2030 to ensure this vital ecosystem not only survives, but thrives.

Grasslands sustain life, but they are threatened

Canada’s Prairie grasslands need your help. Spanning across Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba, they’re one of the world’s most endangered ecosystems. Over 80 per cent of Canada's Prairie grasslands have been lost already, and what remains is at risk of disappearing forever.

That’s 80 per cent less carbon-storing land. 80 per cent less of land purifying water and mitigating flood risks. 80 per cent less habitat for grassland species.

This life-sustaining habitat is vital to our health and well-being. But it’s being lost at an alarming rate. We can’t lose any more. We must protect what’s left.

Our plan

We’re rallying all people and communities to conserve and care for this vital, endangered ecosystem.

Our Prairie Grasslands Action Plan will lead efforts to conserve more than 500,000 hectares by 2030 — an area six times the city of Calgary. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Partnership is at the heart of this plan, NCC is working with local communities, including ranchers, livestock producers and grazing groups, and in collaboration with Indigenous Nations, industry and government, to deliver solutions that ensure the grasslands remain a foundation for thriving communities.

A beacon of hope

On June 15, we announced an exciting campaign to conserve McIntyre Ranch. Located in southern Alberta, McIntyre Ranch is one of the largest ranches in the Prairies, at 22,000 hectares. It is a beacon of hope for Canada’s remaining grasslands.

Visit conservemcintyreranch.ca to learn more about how you can conserve McIntyre Ranch.

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Grasslands are essential

Prairie grasslands impact your daily life, even if you’ve never visited them. Grasslands absorb and store billions of tonnes of carbon, provide protection from flooding and drought, and help purify our water.

Prairie grasslands are essential for humans, but also for the numerous species that rely on the ecosystem to survive – like swift fox, burrowing owl and plains bison.

These species’ habitat keeps getting smaller. And if we don’t conserve this ecosystem, these species could disappear forever.

Counter biodiversity loss and climate change

The Prairie Grassland Action Plan will provide effective solutions to counter rapid biodiversity loss and climate change. Your support will secure and restore rare habitats, protect species at risk, and improve the quality of our air and water.

Featured Projects

Cow on McIntyre Ranch (Photo by Leta Pezderic / NCC Staff)
McIntyre Ranch

Join us in a groundbreaking endeavour to safeguard one of the largest remaining private tracts of Prairie grasslands in Canada: the McIntyre Ranch.

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