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WSP in Canada (later referred to as WSP) is proud to partner with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), supporting our work to accelerate conservation of Canadian landscapes. WSP’s partnership with NCC contributes to three vital areas: critical habitat restoration, Indigenous conservation engagement, and conservation on working landscapes. Their investment has supported the development of NCC’s decision support tools, powered by AI, to prioritize restoration sites. This enables NCC to conserve more, faster, and better. Support from WSP contributed to NCC’s collaboration with Indigenous experts to learn how Indigenous and western knowledge systems can be braided, when appropriate and desired by Indigenous communities, into user-friendly conservation planning tools.

WSP’s investment also furthers NCC’s efforts to identify candidate sites for Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measures (OECMs), a new conservation tool that provides equivalent conservation benefits to protected areas but is not managed primarily for the conservation of nature. The outcome of both OECMs and protected areas is the same: effective biodiversity conservation.

WSP is helping to advance NCC’s conservation efforts by leveraging technology and fostering collaboration for the benefit of both nature and communities.

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As one of the world’s leading professional services firms, WSP in Canada exists to future-proof our cities and environment. WSP provides strategic advisory, engineering, and design services to clients seeking sustainable solutions in the transportation, infrastructure, environment, building, power, energy, water, and mining sectors. Their 12,000 Canadian employees, and 68,000 trusted professionals worldwide, are united by the common purpose of creating positive, long-lasting impacts on the communities they serve through a culture of innovation, integrity, and inclusion.

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