Green Mountains Nature Reserve, QC (Photo by La Halte Studio)

Green Mountains Nature Reserve, QC (Photo by La Halte Studio)

Arnold Raymond (Photo by La Halte Studio)

Arnold Raymond (Photo by La Halte Studio)

Glen Sutton – Arnold Raymond: A nature lover protects his land forever

“The day we signed the papers at the notary's office was the happiest day of my life,” says Arnold Raymond, a resident of Glen Sutton, Estrie. A nature lover, Arnold made an exceptional gift to future generations by donating his land to the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) for protection. This is his story.

A priceless legacy

In the heart of the beautiful landscapes of the Northern Green Mountains, on the southern slopes of the Sutton Mountains, lies an enchanting environment: a wooded area of several dozen hectares, with a stream that is home to spring salamander and other amphibians. It is this habitat that Arnold recently bequeathed to NCC.

In 1949, Arnold’s in-laws bought this land, which teems with life and that he still, to this day, has immense love for. For the past 45 years, he has enjoyed the serenity of the land and the presence of the animals, which he feels a special connection with.

A deep conviction — protecting nature can’t wait any longer — prompted him to donate half the value of his land to NCC. It was with great emotion that he realized his dream, entrusting his land to NCC. Thanks to his generosity, 34 hectares — the equivalent of 214 NHL-sized hockey rinks — are now protected by NCC in this region!

While he loves all the animals that he shares his home with, Arnold admits to having a favourite species. “My main objective was to protect black bears,” he explains. This wide-ranging species, which he affectionately describes as “perfect,” needs large tracts of wilderness to flourish. And the Northern Green Mountains are one of the last regions in southern Quebec where you can still find vast, interconnected natural environments; a paradise for black bears!

Arnold is delighted that his land will now be part of the 30 per cent of the country that is protected by 2030. “If I can inspire other landowners, so much the better,” he says.

One thing's for sure: his actions are making a world of difference to wildlife, plants and people alike.

Green mountains natural corridor

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Several species at risk are found in this area:

  • eastern wood-pewee, a bird species designated as special concern in Canada
  • spring salamander, designated vulnerable in Quebec and threatened in Canada
  • northern dusky salamander and pickerel frog, both of which are likely to be designated as threatened or vulnerable in Quebec
  • wood turtle, designated vulnerable in Quebec and of special concern in Canada

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Thank you to the partners who made this project possible:

Thank you to Arnold Raymond, land donor, and Paul Luc Girard, for his involvement and dedication to this project, as well as the neighbours for their cooperation.

Funding for the Natural Areas Conservation Program provided by Environment and Climate Change Canada Gouvernement du Québec

The Great Jacques-Cartier Bog conservation project is part of the Quebec Ecological Corridors Initiative (QECI) launched by NCC and led by 10 organizations and their many partners. The QECI offers a collective approach to land use planning to accelerate the conservation of natural areas connected by ecological corridors.

Ecological corridors

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