Hochelaga Archipelago (Photo by ALM par Avion)

Hochelaga Archipelago (Photo by ALM par Avion)

The Majestic St. Lawrence River

St. Lawrence River graphic chart

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Historical waterway, place of contemplation, source of inspiration...the St. Lawrence River plays a central role in Quebec’s geography and history. Its islands and islets, which number in the hundreds, and its riverbanks, which span more than 1,000 kilometres, are inhabited by often unsuspected varieties of flora and fauna. Did you know that the Lac Saint-Pierre Archipelago alone, near Sorel-Tracy, comprises over 100 islands and the Hochelaga Archipelago (Montreal) is made up of over 300?

For over 40 years, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and our many partners have been working together to protect the many natural areas found on the St. Lawrence’s islands and in its riparian environments. From the vibrant Island of Montreal to the peaceful Magdalen Islands, this unique network of ecosystems, some of which are threatened, creates valuable habitat for many plants and animals. 

Each protected property is a victory for NCC and for those who donate to its efforts. Discover victories that feed into our major conservation project featuring the St. Lawrence’s natural areas:

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