Prairie rose, (Photo by Karol Dabbs)

Prairie rose, (Photo by Karol Dabbs)

Corporate Supporters

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) works with corporate supporters across a wide variety of industries to advance conservation in Canada. For more than 50 years, NCC has pursued a non-confrontational and pragmatic approach to partnerships. Our work is grounded in the leading conservation science.

The corporate supporters listed below are not only key contributors to our conservation efforts.  They also help to spread awareness of NCC’s mission through joint marketing programs. We thank them for making a positive environmental impact through their partnership with NCC.

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  • Box of Crayons

    In celebration of their 15th anniversary, Box of Crayons is supporting NCC’s conservation work in Ontario’s Happy Valley Forest.
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  • Bruce Power

    Bruce Power has been a proud partner of the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) for over three years, supporting land conservation efforts across Ontario.
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  • Copernicus Educational Products
    Copernicus Educational Products

    Copernicus has been supporting NCC’s efforts in the Ontario Region since 2010.
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  • Creemore Springs Brewery

    Creemore Springs Brewery has been a partner of NCC for more than 20 years, and created a special Raspberry Ginger Saison in 2017 to celebrate this incredible milestone.
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  • Earth Rangers
    Earth Rangers logo

    Since 2010, Earth Rangers and NCC have been empowering youth to take action and protect nature through the Bring Back the Wild program.
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  • Environics Communications

    Environics Communications supports NCC through the purchase of carbon credits to offset its greenhouse gas emissions.
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    EVRGRN COFFEE is helping protect Canada’s natural spaces through the sale of their organic, fair-trade coffee.
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  • Grand & Toy

    Grand & Toy is supporting NCC’s conservation efforts across Canada, and lending a hand to NCC staff at Conservation Volunteer events in their communities.
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  • Gray Ridge Egg Farms

    Gray Ridge is proud to partner with NCC to raise funds for conservation projects in Ontario, donating all proceeds from the annual Gray Ridge Eggs Golf Tournament to NCC.
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  • HSBC Bank Canada

    HSBC Bank Canada supports NCC's Nature Days initiative, a youth program designed in collaboration with Earth Rangers.
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  • Imperial

    Imperial and the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) have been partners in land conservation since 1995.
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  • Kicking Horse Coffee
    Kicking Horse Coffee

    Kicking Horse Coffee has been supporting NCC's efforts in the Elk Valley and Upper Columbia River Valley in British Columbia since 2001.
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  • Kotn

    Kotn has partnered with NCC on a nature-inspired clothing line.
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  • KPMG
    KPMG Logo

    KPMG is supporting land conservation efforts in Ontario.
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  • Manitoulin Transport
    A leading provider of transportation services throughout North America

    In lieu of holiday gifts, Manitoulin Transport supports conservation work in NCC's Ontario region.
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  • ModernAdvisor
    Modern Advisor

    Through a partnership with NCC, ModernAdvisor is increasing their clients' impact by investing a portion of the management fees from socially responsible portfolios into conservation across Canada.
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  • Nature's Aid
    Nature's Aid

    Nature’s Aid has been a proud partner of NCC for more than three years, supporting land conservation efforts in Ontario through the sale of their all-natural bath and shower products.
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  • Nexen Energy ULC

    Nexen Energy ULC is partnering with NCC as the Western Canada Presenting Sponsor of the Conservation Volunteers program from 2013 to 2017.
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  • NEXT Environmental Inc.

    NEXT Environmental is supporting NCC's conservation efforts in British Columbia, including environmental assessments and restoration consultation.
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  • Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG)

    NCC is pleased to announce the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) as Ontario’s newest supporter of NCC's NatureTalks event series.
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  • PetKind

    PetKind donates a portion of the purchase price of each can of its Canada Fresh-brand pet food to NCC.
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  • Qualico Communities, Winnipeg
    Qualico Communities, Winnipeg

    Qualico Communities, Winnipeg's support, is helping NCC expand our conservation work in the Assiniboine Delta Natural Area in Manitoba.
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  • SC Johnson
    SC Johnson logo

    SC Johnson and NCC have established a three-year partnership to support the Leaders in Conservation Program in Ontario.
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  • Scotiabank

    Scotiabank and NCC have a long-standing partnership, most recently under Scotiabank's EcoLiving Auto Loan program.
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  • Shell Canada Limited
    Shell Canada Limited

    Shell has supported land conservation in almost every province and was lead sponsor of NCC's Conservation Intern program.
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  • TD Bank Group

    In 2017, TD Bank Group is supporting NCC through the TD Common Ground Project, which began in recognition of Canada’s 150th birthday. The initiative is creating a legacy of green spaces in more than 150 locations to help bring more people together in their community.
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    NCC has announced a technology and innovation partnership with TELUS to support conservation efforts in all 10 provinces.
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  • The Globe and Mail
    The Globe and Mail

    The Nature Conservancy of Canada is pleased to partner with The Globe and Mail as our National Media Partner.
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  • The Walrus
    The Walrus

    The Walrus generously donates ad space to NCC in their magazine.
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  • Warren's Waterless Printing
    Warrens Waterless Printing

    NCC's partnership with Warren's Waterless Printing keeps printing costs low and environmentally concious.
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