Bow Hughes, AB (Photo by NCC)

Bow Hughes, AB (Photo by NCC)


The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) partners with governments at all levels, including the Government of Canada and several provincial governments.

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Government of Canada

Since 2007, $277.5M has been invested in the Natural Areas Conservation Program (NACP) by Environment and Climate Change Canada. The NACP is a partnership to accelerate the rate of private land conservation and protect important natural habitat in communities across southern Canada.

This investment has been matched with more than $500M in contributions of donated land and funding from provincial governments, the private sector and Canadians at large. The NACP is on track to conserve $1B worth of ecologically significant land by 2020.

Government of New Brunswick

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is pleased to work with the Province of New Brunswick and its various departments and agencies.

Through the Regional Development Corporation (RDC), the province contributed $1.5 million to NCC over three years. It was contingent on NCC matching each RDC dollar with a dollar from the Government of Canada, and a dollar (cash or donated land value) raised through the private sector, thus tripling the value of RDC’s investment.

For every dollar contributed by the provincial government, NCC was able to complete over four dollars worth of conservation in the province.

Over the past three years, NCC has conserved 31 properties, totalling 913 hectares (2,254 acres) on private lands, significantly adding to the prior existing 2,873 hectares (7,100 acres) portfolio of NCC conservation lands in New Brunswick.  In addition, conservation science and stewardship was also carried out, including biological inventories on our lands, developing and implementing management plans, coordinating local volunteers and monitoring properties. 

NCC has also enjoyed a positive, long-term relationship with the New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund, which since 1994 has supported numerous securement, stewardship and science projects.

Government of Ontario 

The recently completed Greenlands partnership agreement between NCC and the Province of Ontario, through the Ministry of Natural Resources, saw the conservation of more than 17,000 acres (6,880 hectares) of ecologically significant land across Ontario — an area equivalent to 10,000 city blocks that could fit more than 1,300 Rogers Centres.

Greenlands helped to grow Ontario’s Provincial Parks and Conservation Areas, created new Parks and Protected Areas and supported private land conservation efforts. The program even contributed to the growth of Canada’s National Parks.

The partnership yielded an incredible leverage on public funds which were matched almost 3:1 by private funds. This is a testament to the monumental land conservation legacy that can only be accomplished through public-private partnership.

Government of Quebec

The Government of Quebec has been an NCC partner for more than 20 years. The government’s exceptional contributions to conservation have resulted in a better understanding of our natural areas, the development of a legal expertise in the protection of habitats across the province and the creation of dozens of nature reserves. The government has also provided important support for the conservation of these places and for the development of a stewardship endowment fund that will ensure their long-term protection.

In 2001, the Government of Quebec spearheaded the first financing agreement to promote the conservation of private lands. Between 2008 and 2013, the government provided funding to 90 research or conservation projects. This allowed NCC to conserve close to 60 square kilometres in the province.

Whether it be through the Ministère du développement durable, de l'environnement, de la faune et des parcs’ “Partenaires pour la nature” program or other agreements with various ministries, to date the partnership established with the Government of Quebec has enabled the protection of numerous emblematic habitats and ensured the development of a network of protected private natural areas.

Working together, NCC and the Government of Quebec have taken steps to address an ever-increasing public concern about the need to protect our natural heritage and to make it accessible for the purposes of exploration, education and outreach.

Government of Manitoba

In March 2009, The Province of Manitoba and the Nature Conservancy of Canada entered into a matching Grant Funding Agreement to support NCC’s objectives to conserve and protect areas of ecological significance in Manitoba. The Province of Manitoba provided funding of $7 million, which was successfully matched by $7 million from the federal government and $7 million from the private sector during the Force for Nature Campaign.

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