Fall 2020

NCC Magazine Fall 2020

NCC Magazine Fall 2020

Coming mid-October, learn about the long-term impacts of conservation, six all-Canadian plants and animals found nowhere else in the world, and NCC's new president and CEO who joined the organization this fall.


Guest letter from the editor

Local actions, global impact

Canada is home to plants and animals found nowhere else on the planet. We need to protect them — for the next generations, and for the world. Read more >

Percival River Nature Reserve

This cherished patch of wild PEI is a great example of the Maritimes’ mixed Acadian forest and rich wetland habitat.

Visions of joy

While researching how to make the outdoors a more welcoming and inviting space for Black people, PhD student and writer Jacqueline L. Scott extends her vision with binoculars. Read more >

A lasting impact

Tall grass ecosystems such as the Rice Lake Plains were once plentiful in Ontario. Today, all but three per cent is lost. The Hazel Bird Nature Reserve is an example of NCC’s long-term stewardship impact across the country. Read an excerpt here >

Riddell’s goldenrod

Often confused for a weed, this plant, with its showy yellow flowers on tall stems, is a common sight in late summer and early fall. Read more >

Project updates

Conserving the Golden Ranches of Alberta; growing the Green Mountains in Quebec; plans for Saskatchewan’s Sandhills; Weston research fellowship.

In good hands

Incoming president and CEO, Catherine Grenier, talks about why nature and conservation are important to her, as she joins NCC this fall. Read more >

Mutual respect

A chance encounter with a black bear on BC’s Sunshine Coast Trail. Read more >

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