Fall 2021

NCC Magazine Fall 2021

NCC Magazine Fall 2021


Guest letter from the editor

Mutual benefits

Spending time in nature provides us with significant mental and physical health benefits. But, to get the most out of our relationship with nature, we have to offer something in return. Read more >

Bunchberry Meadows

This large natural area just minutes from downtown Edmonton features several forest types, wetlands and meadows.

Milkweed for monarchs

Thirteen native species of milkweed are found in Canada. This fall, try incorporating some into your garden to help native pollinators. Read more >


Tina Singh captures her family’s milestones in nature with her cellphone camera. She believes that you don’t have to totally unplug to enjoy the outdoors. Read more >

Restoring balance

The work of ecosystem restoration is critical to species at risk recovery, the fight against biodiversity loss and maintaining the benefits and services that nature provides for people. Read an excerpt here >

Ferruginous hawk

This large raptor can reach speeds of 160 kilometres per hour when diving for prey. Read more >

Project updates

Rescuing a fragile friend in Quebec; Making Nature Investable summit; AI research to aid conservation.

Writing his own story

Chúk Odenigbo is creating a new narrative for what nature can look like in Canada. Read more >

A spider surprise

Finding black widow spiders at a property on the Canadian mixed-grass prairie. Read more >

Supporter Spotlight

Small Acts of Conservation - Take the challenge and enter to WIN

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