Spring 2019

NCC Magazine Spring 2019

NCC Magazine Spring 2019

Coming early May: Discover three ways to get outside with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), learn about the coastal temperate rainforest on Salt Spring Island in BC, learn about the critically endangered Atlantic whitefish...and more!


Letter from the editor: The power of many

Healthy by nature

Three ways to get outside with NCC, improve your health and that of nature. Read more >

Creekside Rainforest

There is more to Salt Spring Island than its mild climate and quirky culture; it also features a magical patch of coastal temperate rainforest.

True north

Author and journalist Harley Rustad always finds his way back home with the help of his father's compass. Read more >

One piece at a time

The Beaver Hills area, near Edmonton, provides a blueprint for how privately protected areas can contribute to nature conservation. Read more >

Atlantic whitefish

In the cold waters of Nova Scotia's Petite Rivière watershed swims a fish so elusive that, without action, it might never be seen again. Read more >

Project updates

Conserving Lake Ontario's wild coast; a brotherly donation in Newfoundland; monitoring and banding birds in Saskatchewan.

Conservation trailblazer

Recently named the president of the Canadian Committee of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, NCC's Lisa McLaughlin is leading the way. Read more >

Sidney's paradise

Lucy and Scott Weston are inspired and grateful for this gem in Saskatchewan. Read more >

Everyone plays a part in conservation

As a conservation scientist at the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, Aerin Jacob strives to help people live better with nature and with each other. Read more >

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