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Elana Rosenfeld (Photo by Taylor Rhodes)

Elana Rosenfeld (Photo by Taylor Rhodes)

Conserve, connect and inspire

We all need good news in the midst of challenging times. That’s why I’m so pleased to be able to celebrate with you the success of the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) Landmark Campaign. The campaign was designed to conserve our country’s precious natural areas and the wildlife that depend on them, connect more Canadians than ever before to our country’s natural landscapes and inspire the next generation of conservation leaders. As you’ll read in this special issue of the NCC Magazine, not only did we meet these goals, we exceeded them. Donors from communities across Canada mobilized like never before to protect nature, and together you donated more than $750 million.

As Canadians, we are fortunate to have been given an incredible gift: the unparalleled majesty of nature in this country, the wildlife that lives in it and the benefits these places provide to people. Like thousands of you, I believe it’s our responsibility to conserve these lands, waters and wildlife, not just for Canadians, but for the rest of the world.

I am truly grateful for the people who have volunteered their time, including our campaign co-chairs, Hal Kvisle and Brian Tobin, as well as every one of you who entrusted your gifts to NCC to help us surpass our campaign goals. Your commitment inspires us to get our important work done. The conservation impact of the Landmark Campaign is being felt right across the country.

As you’ll read in these pages, NCC’s mission is now more urgent than ever. The next decade is going to be very important for conservation in Canada. We will need to connect more Canadians from all walks of life and all backgrounds to our cause.

By continuing to work together, we can build on the foundation achieved through the amazing Landmark Campaign, and ensure a sustainable future for Canadians and the world.

Thank you,

Elana Rosenfeld

National Board Chair and National Campaign Cabinet Member
Nature Conservancy of Canada

PS – Want to experience some of the wonderful places you helped protect? Visit nccnaturescapes.ca for a virtual tour.

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