Flathead River Valley, BC (Photo by NCC)

Flathead River Valley, BC (Photo by NCC)

Earth Rangers - The Kids' Conservation Organization

Earth Rangers - The Kids' Conservation Organization

Earth Rangers

Earth Rangers is a kids’ conservation organization committed to instilling in children the environmental knowledge, positivity and confidence to take action across Canada. More than 200,000 children have signed up to be Earth Rangers!

Children have an inherent love for animals and are passionate about making a real difference on issues concerning wildlife and our planet. Earth Rangers builds on this desire by providing programs that empower children to make a real difference for Canadian biodiversity and the habitats they need to survive.

Wildlife Adoptions Program

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) was the original conservation partner for Earth Rangers’ Bring Back the WildTM Program and continues to be an active partner on the reimagined Wildlife Adoptions Program. Since 2010, NCC and Earth Rangers have collaborated on more than a dozen projects, contributing to the protection of countless animals, including the Jefferson salamander, American badger, barn swallow, peregrine falcon and western bumble bee.

The Wildlife Adoptions Program educates children about the importance of protecting animals, and empowers them to make a difference by symbolically adopting an animal. Each year, Earth Rangers works with conservation partners to identify unique Canadian species that are facing threats in the wild and develops tangible projects to protect these animals and their habitats. To date, tens of thousands of Earth Rangers’ members and their families have raised funds for important conservation projects across the country.

For more information about Earth Rangers or to sign up your child, visit EarthRangers.com.

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